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The purpose of the classroom observation is to provide a formal method for instructors to receive evaluation and feedback on their teaching.

Observations are conducted on a first come first serve rolling basis. The observation process consists of the following:


          1. Submit a request to the Teaching Support Program using the observation

              request form below.


 2. The Teaching Support Program coordinator will contact the instructor to  schedule the observation.

          3. The Teaching Support Program coordinator will attend the entire 3 hour class in

          person OR the time allotted for an online synchronous class i.e. 1hr, 1.5hrs, etc.

 4. At the end of the class, the Teaching Support Program coordinator will meet with the instructor to discuss the observation, providing feedback & recommendations as needed. Instructors may be encouraged to participate in other Teaching Support Program services as appropriate. 

5. Information collected and discussed during the observation will remain within the Teaching Support Program.  

"It was helpful to have feedback on how I structure class material and support student engagement.  I was curious how my teaching style compared to what students were experiencing in other classrooms.  Victoria gave me suggestions on how to make some of the content more interactive and was able to compliment my “workshop” style of teaching." -Becky Davis, SWCOS Assistant Director/Adjunct Faculty


Observation Request Form
Please select your title:
Please select the semester that you are teaching:

Thanks for submitting your requst!

Someone from the

Teaching Support Program

will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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